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Plastic Surgery Options for Patients With a Small or Recessed Chin

Your chin and jawline are some of your most distinguishable features. A strong, defined chin represents confidence, posture, and poise, whereas a small or unnoticeable chin leaves you lacking a facial frame or character.

Your chin also plays a central role in harmonizing the rest of your face, bringing your nose and forehead into proportion. If you have a small or receding chin, plastic surgery options will help you address this issue and gain a better sense of self-confidence and comfort in your body.

Let’s review the available surgical options if you have an understated or recessed chin.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is one of the go-to procedures for patients with a sunken or receding chin. When performing this surgery, Dr. Gale strategically places an implant along your jawline, adding volume, contour, and definition to your chin and jaw.

These medical devices come in an array of shapes and sizes. Some extend along the jawline, filling out the entire lower face, while others sit just under the mouth, making the chin protrude. The correct chin implant for you depends on your physical requirements and aesthetic desires, and Dr. Gale can help guide you toward choosing the perfect implant.

Sliding Genioplasty

A sliding genioplasty modifies your appearance by manipulating the chin or jawbone. Dr. Gale achieves this by making strategic cuts in the bone and extending it using anchors and screws. Some patients prefer this method, as the results are more permanent and don’t require an implant.

Learn More About Chin Augmentation in Riverton, UT

Deciding to fix a small or recessed chin is a significant life step. By doing so, you can empower yourself to achieve your desired appearance, and can feel more confident, accomplished, and relaxed.

Dr. Gale’s experience as a reconstructive plastic surgeon makes him an ideal doctor to guide patients through their chin augmentation process, as he has helped hundreds of patients fix their chins from an aesthetic and medical perspective.

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