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Facial Reconstruction: Aesthetic vs. Functional

Facial procedures are the most popular plastic surgery operations in the U.S., with nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelift as the top three procedures overall. Dr. Derrick Gale understands that everyone who chooses to seek plastic surgery does so for unique, intensely personal motivations. Some reasons are purely cosmetic, while others may be more pragmatic…. Read More

Procedures to Avoid This Summer

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures can dramatically improve your physical appearance and self-esteem.  However, many of the procedures require downtime and recovery, which might be at odds with your goals of having plenty of fun in the sun and enjoying the warmer temperatures of spring and summer. For that reason, it’s best to leave some… Read More

Use These Tips to Update Your Skincare Routine This Spring

As the weather starts to warm up and we start spending more time outside under the sun, it’s essential to consider some adjustments to your daily skincare routine. In this article, Dr. Gale looks at the best ways to adapt to the changing season and to keep your skin as smooth, healthy, and blemish-free as… Read More

What Microneedling Can Do for Your Scars

Minor scarring is one of the most commonly cited aesthetic concerns people have with their facial skin. Microneedling is a process of introducing microinjuries and encouraging your skin to re-heal, which is a highly effective way of eliminating shallow or superficial scarring. In this article, Dr. Derrick Gale at Gale Facial Plastics looks at what… Read More

Is the TCA Peel for You?

Depending on past experience, readers might have either a positive or negative connotation with the term “chemical peel.” When done correctly, these procedures result in smooth, glowing, fresh skin, which is why chemical peels are constantly growing in popularity.  In this article, Dr. Gale looks at TCA peels to help you decide if they are… Read More

Why More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery for the New Year

Over the past five years, the number of people getting plastic surgery has steadily increased. With greater scrutiny placed on our physical appearance, fewer barriers to receiving plastic surgeries, increased technology that makes the operations faster and perfectly reliable, and an understanding of how tweaking one’s facial appearance can impact one’s self-confidence and daily life,… Read More