Otoplasty in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ears have a prominent role in the overall appearance of a person’s profile. When ears are misshapen, they may draw attention away from the rest of the face. Ears that are overly large or protruding are a common problem that usually stems from either a congenital disability or an injury. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having irregular ears, people often develop a negative image of themselves as a result.

Commonly known as “ear pinning,” otoplasty may be the best option for any prospective patient who is struggling with the outward appearance of their ears. Otoplasty surgery aims to carefully reshape the outer structure of the ears, giving the patient a more natural and symmetrical look. Dr. Derrick Gale, one of the leading specialists of otoplasty in Salt Lake City, UT, and Riverton, UT, would be happy to meet with you to discuss what otoplasty surgery can do for you.

Meet Dr. Derrick Gale, MD

Customized Consultations, Individualized Results

With a focus on improving both form and function, Dr. Gale applies experienced aesthetic judgment and surgical expertise to achieve each patient’s individual cosmetic and functional goals. While delivering the highest level of care and expertise, Dr. Gale and his team maintain a down-to-earth and comfortable atmosphere to put you at ease. 

Why have an Otoplasty with Dr. Derrick Gale?

If you do not like the size, shape, or position of your outer ears, having an otoplasty could help you feel better about your appearance, improve self-esteem, and confidence.  Dr. Gale truly cares about his patients as individuals first. He will go out of his way to help you achieve the results you desire. Dr. Gale will work with you to identify your personal needs and determine the specific method that is best suited for you, should you decide to have an otoplasty.

What Issues will an Otoplasty Improve?

There are various structural problems of the outer ear that Dr. Gale can resolve through otoplasty. The most common issues are:

  • Large or protruding ears- Large or protruding ears are ears that stick out or are too big for one’s profile. Patients often wish to shrink or flatten their ears to gain a more subtle look. Protruding ears are mainly a cosmetic issue and can be surgically modified.
  • Infant Ear Deformities and Microtia)- Microtia is diagnosed when a child is born with abnormally small or unformed Depending on the case’s severity, Microtia may even cause hearing difficulties if not repaired. Microtia repair is reconstructive surgery that can improve the appearance of an underdeveloped ear. There are numerous infant ear deformities which involved a fully formed ear but is misshapen. These can often be corrected with ear wells. It is best to see these patients in the first few days or weeks after birth.
  • Lop and cupped ear deformitiesLop ear deformity is caused by the upper part of the ear ‘lopping” or folding over while cup ear is described as an ear that is rounded or cup shaped.
  • Trauma- Many types of ear traumas may have disfigured or misshapen a patient’s ears. Individuals with lacerations, torn piercings, burns, “Cauliflower ear” or “Wrestler’s ear,” or any other type of external ear damage, should not hesitate to seek professional help.
  • Revision Otoplasty- Some patients have already had an otoplasty from another practice and are unhappy with the results. Those who would like to modify their existing otoplasty are welcome to schedule a consultation.

Is it Better to have an Otoplasty as a Child or an Adult?

Following infancy, ear deformities do not have to be addressed at any particular age, especially since each case will hold a different set of circumstances. Since many ear deformities occur at birth, parents often choose to correct the issue early in their child’s lives. Otoplasty surgery can be performed on children as young as three years old, though most surgeons recommend that five years old is the earliest age that a child should have the surgery. Adults and teens can also have the surgery at any point, as long as they meet general health requirements.

What can I expect from my consultation?

Your first meeting with Dr. Gale is a pivotal step towards obtaining the results you want. Dr. Gale will take the time to determine what results you’re looking for and how to best achieve these. He encourages you to bring in questions, describe what is most important to you, and voice your biggest concerns. The first consultation’s objective is to discuss your main reason for wanting the surgery, what your procedural options are, and the full risks of the procedure. You will receive a thorough exam to make sure the method is safe for you. Dr. Gale will work with you to develop a personalized plan based on your own aesthetic goals.

If the consultation is for your child, please be conscious of their emotional well-being. You may have to explain to them what the surgery entails gently, without being insensitive to their deformity.

What Should I Expect on the Day of My Otoplasty?

The day before your surgery date, Dr. Gale’s team will provide you with a list of foods, medications, and activities to avoid before and after the surgery. You will also have the opportunity to voice any last-minute questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else you wish to convey. Family and loved ones are welcome to be involved in the process and will be kept in the loop.

The procedure’s exact duration will vary based on the complexity of the operation. Dr. Gale can do some otoplasties in the office without general anesthesia. If your otoplasty does require general anesthesia, you will not be able to drive home. We recommend that you arrange a ride to and from the facility on the day of the procedure. Dr. Gale’s team will gladly discuss any issues with you or your loved ones at any point in the process.

before and after right view rhinoplasty of female patient Riverton, Utah

Improving Form & Function

Trust Dr. Derrick Gale to help you achieve your goals, whether they are aesthetic, reconstructive or both. View our before and after gallery to see the surgical skill and technical mastery of one of Utah’s leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  

What Should I Expect During the Recovery Process?

After the surgery, you will immediately get to see your new ears. Dr. Gale and his team will provide you with instructions on how to properly clean and care for your wounds as they heal. Because there are so many different ways to carry out an otoplasty, the post-surgery instructions will be slightly different with each patient. Dr. Gale recommends that you avoid any strenuous activities for the appropriate time, and we will give you specific recovery recommendations before your surgery.


Quick Tips

  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Limit extreme facial expressions
  • Refrain from anything that might put pressure on your nose for the first month
  • Avoid wearing glasses for the first month without discussing with Dr. Gale 

Most of the swelling from a rhinoplasty procedure will go down within the first few weeks. It may take many months before the final shape of your nose reveals itself. As you recover, you will continue to meet with Doctor Gale. If there are any issues of concern, you can bring them up with him during this time.

Functional and Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Riverton UT and Salt Lake City, UT

If you want a rhinoplasty that’s both functional and beautiful, consult Dr. Derrick Gale. His Riverton practice is conveniently located 30 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. His expertise as an ENT with specialized training in facial plastics and reconstruction as well as sleep surgery makes him the ideal choice for a rhinoplasty. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, you can contact the Ear Nose and Throat Center of Utah here or call us at 801-506-6344. We look forward to meeting you!