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Facial Fat Grafting in Salt Lake City, UT

A hallmark sign of facial aging is a loss of volume and definition, caused by reduced facial fat and musculature. This manifests in sallow cheeks, shapeless features, and a weak jawline. Fortunately, thanks to advances in medical knowledge and surgical techniques, there are now some incredible procedures available to those experiencing the impacts of time.

Facial fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer or lipoinjection, is a refined technique that rejuvenates the face with results that feel and look natural. Through facial fat grafting, expert Utah facial plastic surgeon Dr. Derrick Gale aims to help those searching for the best facial aging remedies. Dr. Gale welcomes you to meet with him for a friendly discussion on how facial fat grafting can change your life for the better!

Read on to learn more about facial fat grafting in Riverton, UT, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Gale and his team today!

Meet Dr. Derrick Gale, MD

Customized Consultations, Individualized Results

With a focus on improving both form and function, Dr. Gale applies experienced aesthetic judgment and surgical expertise to achieve each patient’s individual cosmetic and functional goals. While delivering the highest level of care and expertise, Dr. Gale and his team maintain a down-to-earth and comfortable atmosphere to put you at ease. 

What is Facial Fat Grafting?

Facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure that involves harvesting fat cells from a donor site of the body (generally the lower abdomen, buttock, or thighs), purifying these fat cells, and then reintroducing them into the desired areas of the face.

It is essential to clarify that facial fat grafting is not a weight loss technique – the amounts of fat harvested from the donor site, while variable, will not replicate the results from a targeted liposuction procedure.

Nonetheless, facial fat grafting aims to restore volume and definition to the face. 

What Are the Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting?

In particular, facial fat grafting is highly effective in treating:

  • Sallow cheeks
  • Hollow looking eye sockets and undereye bags
  • Sunken temples and side forehead
  • Soft jawlines
  • Thin, pursed lips

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Fat Grafting?

If you are beginning to experience sunken facial features and are concerned about this, then facial fat grafting may be a suitable solution to your worries.

If you are:

  • In good health
  • A non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Can realistically benefit from this procedure

then you are ready to discuss your facial fat grafting procedure in more detail with Dr. Gale. Your next step is to schedule a one on one consultation!

before and after right view rhinoplasty of female patient Riverton, Utah

Improving Form & Function

Trust Dr. Derrick Gale to help you achieve your goals, whether they are aesthetic, reconstructive or both. View our before and after gallery to see the surgical skill and technical mastery of one of Utah’s leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  

How is Facial Fat Grafting Performed?

Dr. Gale typically performs facial fat grafting under local anesthesia, which enacts a numbing sensation at both the donor site and the face. If larger amounts of fat must be harvested, Dr. Gale will advise his patients that general anesthesia will be more beneficial. These particulars will be discussed in your initial consultation with Dr. Gale. 

Once aestheticized, Dr. Gale will create a micro-incision at the harvesting site, through which a cannula, or small tube, is inserted into the underlying fat cells. Through this cannula, Dr. Gale will precisely vacuum fatty tissues out of the body and into purification tubes.

Our team will then place these harvested fat cells into a centrifuge, which separates the fat cells from other components. This yields the purest, cleanest possible fat cells for reintroduction to the patient’s face. Once purified, Dr. Gale will then take the harvested fat cells and inject them into the pre-decided areas of the face that need treatment.   

What can I expect before, during, and after my facial fat grafting procedure?

You can expect Dr. Gale to give you an in-depth consultation before your facial fat grafting surgery. You must be sure the procedure will satisfy your desires and enter the procedure with realistic expectations.

Leading up to your treatment date, you should get plenty of rest, eat as healthily as possible, and hydrate well. This places your body in the best shape to recover after the treatment.

Your facial fat grafting procedure will be performed in-house, unless you are getting general anesthesia, in which case you will be treated on an out-patient basis.

If you are treated in-house, you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment. However, if you receive general anesthesia, you must have a chaperone to drive you home after your appointment.

The day after the procedure, most patients can resume their daily schedule, with a reduced amount of physical activity and intensity. This will continue for one to two weeks following the procedure, just to allow the body to adapt.    

Patients are usually fully recovered from facial fat grafting two weeks after the procedure, but results are not permanent until three to four weeks after. This is because some of the introduced fat cells will die after the procedure, so realistic results aren’t seen until the cells have properly settled and begun to grow again.

Facial fat grafting in Riverton, Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Gale looks forward to using his experience, knowledge, and patient-centered approach to give you the best facial fat grafting experience in Salt Lake City and Riverton, UT. He carries his extensive training in treating and reconstructing the face into each facial fat grafting procedure, and his in-depth understanding of facial anatomy helps him provide his patients with stunningly natural results.

If you are considering facial autologous fat transfer in Riverton and Salt Lake City, UT, we invite you to reach out to him at 801 758 0428 to arrange your consultation and find the ideal solution to your concerns with a leading plastic surgeon. 

Facial fat grafting Salt Lake City - FAQs

There is minimal downtime associated with the procedure, with most patients returning to work the day following treatment.

Patients should reduce their physical activity for one to two weeks after the procedure, just to allow the body to recover as rapidly as possible.

Yes. You will be able to get in a car, train, or if you need to, a plane following your procedure.

When performed by a trained, certified, and reputable plastic surgeon, facial fat grafting is a very safe process.

The purification of harvested fat cells means there is significantly increased ‘taking’ of the introduced fat cells – meaning up to 90% of injected cells may survive the process.

With clean, state-of-the-art facilities, facial fat grafting results in natural, rejuvenating effects. If done improperly, however, there can be complications associated with each stage of the procedure, which can be harmful to the patient. 

Many facial anti-aging procedures address the peaks on the face – forehead wrinkles, cheekbones, and chin. While procedures such as Dysport, Botox, and implants are particularly effective at reducing wrinkles and fine lines, they are not volumizing procedures. On the other hand, dermal fillers and fat grafting are designed for patients concerned with sunken features.

Therefore, a patient concerned with wrinkles will be better suited to choose neuromodulating treatments, or a liquid or surgical facelift. Many patients consider facial fat grafting because it is a minimally invasive procedure that requires minimal preparation and recovery. Dr. Gale is happy to discuss each of these options and will recommend which one or combination of these treatments will be best for you.

The cost of facial fat grafting varies widely depending on the extent of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience, and the geographic location of the practice. Since it is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is typically not covered by insurance. Patients should discuss all costs and payment options with their facial plastic surgeon during the consultation process.

Yes, when performed by an experienced surgeon, facial fat grafting can produce very natural-looking results. Because the procedure uses the patient’s own fat, it integrates well with the facial tissues, providing a soft, natural fill that enhances the facial contours. The goal is to achieve a rejuvenated appearance without looking overdone or artificial.

Facial fat grafting uses your own fat to add volume and contour to the face, offering a more permanent solution compared to synthetic fillers. While fillers can provide immediate results with no downtime, their effects are temporary, usually lasting 6 to 18 months depending on the type of filler used. Fat grafting requires a surgical procedure with a recovery period but can yield longer-lasting results.