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Cosmetic plastic surgery offers patients a unique opportunity to significantly improve the appearance of their facial features.

With procedures that focus directly on the nose, eyelids, chin, and skin of the face, Dr Gale is uniquely positioned as a specialist facial reconstructive plastic surgeon to offer these procedures to his Riverton, UT patients.

Expertly performing cosmetic procedures require years of dedicated training, experience, an artistic appreciation and flare, and the utmost attention to detail. Find out more about each of Dr Gale’s signature procedures below, or book your one-on-one consultation by calling 801 506 6344 or filling in this online form.

At the center of our face, the nose acts as a focal point for those observing us. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that changes, manipulates, and modifies the nose’s size, shape, and contours. When done with precision and artistic appreciation, rhinoplasty aligns the nose with the rest of the facial features, providing a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.

Rhinoplasty involves adding or subtracting cartilage and tissue to the nose and manipulating the nasal structures to provide the desired results.

With extensive training in treating sleep apnea and other breathing-related concerns, Dr Gale is a rhinoplasty expert.

The facelift is one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures. Our Riverton, UT patients seek treatment for the gradual appearance of wrinkles and a loss of youthful definition in their facial features.

A facelift solves these problems. The aging process naturally causes loosening of the skin and loss of its’ structural integrity. A facelift removes excess skin from discreet locations on the head, often along the hairline or behind the ear, and pulling the remaining skin tight to smooth out the skin. 

The eyelids easily become loose and tired over time. When the eyelids begin to look tired, so too does the entire face and countenance. Sagging and loose eyelids can also interfere with sight.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a delicate procedure that allows Dr Gale to expertly stretch the eyelids’ skin to provide a youthful, alert and well-rested appearance.

For many people, having a poorly defined jawline is a primary aesthetic concern. Having a chin balanced with the nose and forehead is a vital framing characteristic in creating an aesthetically-pleasing facial appearance.

Having a strong jawline is a sign of confidence, power and self-assuredness. Chin augmentation brings out the jawline and adds definition and character to a weak or recessed chin.

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Cosmetic procedures can help patients realize their dream appearance. Deciding to take your appearance into your own hands, with the help of an excellent plastic surgeon, is an empowering decision. Call 801 506 6344 or fill out this online form to begin your journey to become the best, most attractive version of yourself.