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Facial Reconstructive Surgery Salt Lake City, UT

Each year, over 6 million reconstructive surgeries are performed in the U.S.

With the capacity to restore bodily function and appearance after either a trauma or caused by a congenital disability or medical condition, reconstructive surgery genuinely gives people back their lives.

In most cases, reconstructive surgeries are deemed “medically necessary,” and most insurance plans will cover the operations. Reconstructive surgeons all specialize in particular body parts. Dr. Derrick Gale of Gale Facial Plastics at the Ear Nose and Throat Center of Utah is a leading facial reconstruction specialist, sleep apnea/snoring specialist, and jaw surgery specialist. 

Successfully performing reconstructive surgery demands years of training and experience, which is why it is imperative that patients carefully choose their reconstructive surgeon. Find out more about each of Dr. Gale’s signature procedures below or book your one-on-one consultation by calling 801 506 6344 or filling in this online form.

Sadly, over 210,000 people experience a traumatic event every year, which results in the need for facial reconstructive surgery.

Traffic collisions, falls, athletic injuries, and animal attacks are respectively the leading causes for facial reconstructive surgery, which may treat either traumatic bone breaks and fractures, or traumatic lacerations to the face.  

Around 100 million Americans have some form of a sleep disorder, with obstructive sleep apnea being one of the most common issues.

Sleep apnea and snoring can be treated in several ways, both surgically and non-surgically, which may involve lifestyle changes, using sleep CPAP apparatuses, performing surgery to manipulate the breathing system’s physical structure, or using implants to monitor and stimulate the breathing mechanism.

A critical part of our physiology, our jaw is responsible for communication, expression, and eating, and a damaged or misaligned jaw can be debilitating. Jaw surgery, which can be performed for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, can restore the appearance or function of the jaw.

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For many patients, reconstructive procedures can restore their quality of life, give them back their confidence, and help them recover from traumatic experiences. Contact Dr. Gale at 801 506 6344 or fill out this online form to discuss your personal needs and start your journey to your everyday life.