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Male Chin Augmentation: Here Are Your Options

The social stigma surrounding male plastic surgery is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as more men opt to get cosmetic procedures like chin augmentation every year.

This surgery is a fantastic way for men with weak, poorly defined, or recessed chins to achieve a bolder, more masculine appearance. Dr. Derrick Gale is an industry-leading surgeon specializing in male chin augmentation. Learn all about your options in this blog post.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation via implants adds volume and definition to the chin, jawline, and neck without modifying your natural bone structure. Dr. Gale achieves this by helping you visualize your desired appearance, then selecting a solid silicone chin implant that best delivers it.

Chin implants differ in many ways, and you can select and customize different sizes, depths, and shapes. Once Dr. Gale has helped you select the appropriate implant, he’ll perform the surgery by making strategic incisions under your chin or inside your mouth, through which he’ll insert and shape the implant.

The result of chin augmentation is a fuller, more defined, more confident countenance, with improved harmony among your facial features. As long as the implant remains in place, you will enjoy your new facial structure permanently.

Sliding Genioplasty

A sliding genioplasty is a different surgical approach to male chin augmentation, which changes the jawbone’s physical structure. Dr. Gale achieves this by carefully cutting the bone in specific locations and extending it using screws and anchors. Like chin augmentation with an implant, the result is a more prominent, better-defined chin.

Male Chin Augmentation in Riverton, UT

As more men embrace the possibilities of plastic surgery, they begin realizing the benefits of procedures like chin augmentation.

A weak, small, or recessed chin can significantly impact your appearance, confidence, and masculinity. Chin augmentation offers a highly effective, straightforward solution to these concerns. To discuss the best way for you to achieve the appearance of your dreams, contact Dr. Gale at (801) 506-6344 or fill out our quick online form today.