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Facelift After Weight-Loss

After losing significant amounts of weight, most, if not all, patients experience loose and flabby skin all over the body.

While people generally think of the abdominal area as where they will experience excess skin after weight loss, many people who successfully lose significant amounts of weight find themselves with excess skin surrounding the face and jowls. 

One of the best ways for such patients to congratulate themselves on successfully losing their weight is to complement their efforts with specific surgical procedures to enhance the results of their weight loss journey. 

In this article, Dr. Derrick Gale discusses how a post-weight-loss facelift can help patients achieve the aesthetic physique they’re after.

How Weight Loss Affects the Body

When the human body carries excessive amounts of adipose or fatty tissue, the skin must stretch to compensate for that tissue. When stretched beyond a specific limit, the skin loses its elastic ability to return to an entirely taught, smooth state and instead remains stretched out.

When someone loses excessive amounts of weight, the skin stays the same size, but it can become incredibly loose as the volume has been lost. The only way to deal with this issue is by excising the excess skin and reattaching the remaining skin so that it can heal in a smooth, contoured manner.

Facelift After Weight Loss

A traditional facelift takes excess skin and excises it under a general anesthetic. The entire procedure is designed to eliminate excess skin, so it is a highly beneficial procedure for those patients who have successfully lost weight but are looking to address their resulting loose skin.  

Skin tends to gather around the cheeks, jaw, and upper neck after weight loss. A facelift is highly useful for this issue, and a chin augmentation, which can help patients achieve a chiseled jawline, can complement the procedure.

Facelift Procedures in Riverton, UT

Any person who changes their life and successfully loses weight should be immensely proud of their achievements. Weight loss isn’t easy, but a successful weight loss journey is truly a life-changing achievement.

With microincisions around the hairline and behind the ears to minimize scarring, board-certified Dr. Gale can help weight-loss patients achieve a well-defined face full of character to congratulate themselves and complement their efforts. Call (801) 506-6344 or fill out this online form today to start your consultation process.