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After Facial Reconstructive Surgery: Now What?

Facial reconstructive procedures offer the opportunity to reverse signs of trauma and congenital disabilities. But while the results from facial reconstructive surgery are life-changing, some patients desire further changes to their facial features to help fully recover from a traumatic experience and feel their absolute best.

What are some typical facial reconstructive surgeries and follow-up procedures that will help you look and feel your best?

Facial Reconstruction

Some of the best-known reconstructive procedures in the U.S. include maxillofacial surgery, otoplasty, and sleep apnea/snoring surgery.

After you have healed from facial reconstructive surgery, you may wish to get either a minimally invasive procedure or another facial aesthetic surgery to optimize your results.

Minimally Invasive Facial Procedures

After facial reconstructive surgery, the thought of undergoing another procedure with an additional recovery period might seem somewhat overwhelming.

In such cases, you may wish to consider minimally invasive solutions that aren’t surgical, but still provide stunning results.

Some of our patients’ favorites include Botox and Dysport, which can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and help you look younger after your facial reconstruction.

Dermal fillers provide lift, volume, and contour in areas like the cheekbones and lips, which can draw attention away from any area that has received surgery.

Laser skin resurfacing is also an option available to patients who wish to eliminate acne scarring, uneven skin tone, or treat minor scars from a traumatic experience.

Aesthetic Facial Procedures 

Aesthetic facial procedures are surgical operations that significantly change how a particular facial feature looks, such as eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, a brow lift, a facelift, or chin augmentation.

In some cases, Dr. Gale can combine your facial reconstruction with one of these surgeries and solve two problems at once without incurring extra recovery time. If you aren’t a good candidate for paired procedures, you can opt for an aesthetic facial procedure after their reconstruction to get the best results possible.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery in Riverton, UT

Knowing what you can and shouldn’t do following a facial reconstruction procedure is essential to getting the desired results. The best way to figure this out is with an in-depth, personal consultation with Dr. Derrick Gale, an experienced facial reconstructive and plastic surgeon held in high regard.

To discuss the best treatment for aesthetic or functional facial reconstruction in Riverton, UT, contact Dr. Gale at (801) 506-6344 or fill out our online form today.