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Why Winter Is the Best Time for a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a popular cosmetic nose surgery that modifies the nose’s appearance, functionality, or both. It’s a surgery that can bring back symmetry, change the proportions of the nose, reshape the tip or nostrils, bring the nose into better balance with the other facial features, or even improve one’s breathing.

But Why Winter?

Rhinoplasty surgery, like many other procedures, requires adequate time to rest, making the winter an ideal time for the procedure. Here are even more reasons why winter might be the perfect time for you to undergo that nose job:

Winter Break

If you tend to work all year round so that you can take time off work and relax during the winter, then this is the perfect time of the year for that long overdue nose job.

Your downtime recovery away from your regular routine takes some planning, especially with scars and symptoms needing up to four weeks to heal.

By scheduling your procedure for the middle of December, you might be able to take advantage of paid days off over Christmas and New Year. And with the winter months offering many long weekends and holidays, this could help you save your paid time for another time. As a result, you may only have to take a few vacation and paid days to complete the required recovery time.

Cooler Weather

Winter weather will constrict blood vessels in the skin and reduce swelling and bruising in your nose after your rhinoplasty. With less sun exposure, you should also have less scarring and better results. And when going outdoors for extended periods where temperatures may drop, be sure to bundle up and cover your nose.

Seasonal Allergies

Should you typically suffer from hay fever or other seasonal congestion and irritation causing allergies, a winter rhinoplasty might reduce the chances of aggravated symptoms, especially if your nasal passages feel stuffy following your procedure.

Holiday Gifts

Another good reason to select the winter season for your rhinoplasty is that the holiday season is approaching. Perhaps your friends and family would like to make a small contribution towards the cost of your surgery as a holiday gift!

Staying Healthy

Keep in mind that while winter is best for your rhinoplasty, it is also the season for colds and flu. Catching a cold or the flu while recovering from a nose job can delay your healing. Another tip for a successful rhinoplasty recovery is to supplement with plenty of vitamin C and follow healthy habits. These include frequent hand-washing, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, and avoiding people who are sick.

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