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Cosmetic Surgery and Self-Care: How to Get Comfortable Spending on Your Appearance

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your skin but don’t feel comfortable reaching out for help? For some, the words “plastic surgery” conjure up negative stigma, mostly stemming from false or exaggerated depictions seen in media or film. The reality is that the industry of cosmetic plastic surgery is booming, primarily because it has helped so many people improve their appearance and confidence.

Cosmetic surgery helps many patients feel “more comfortable in their skin,” natural, well-proportioned, and beautiful. Cosmetic surgery allows you to move on with your life without focusing on distracting features when getting dressed, putting on a swimsuit, working out at the gym, hosting an online meeting, or going on a date.

Dr. Derrick Gale offers several cosmetic procedures that make it safer and more comfortable than ever to enhance your natural beauty.

Here’s a quick look at four of these:

RHINOPLASTY: Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a facial cosmetic procedure usually performed to enhance the nose’s appearance by correcting its proportions and improving the overall appearance by  restoring youthful contours.

FACELIFT: Also called rhytidectomy, a facelift is a cosmetic procedure that counteracts the aging effects of time on the face and neck.

BLEPHAROPLASTY: A cosmetic surgery that tightens droopy upper eyelids and reduces bagginess under the eyes resulting in a more youthful, energized look.

CHIN AUGMENTATION: Also known as chin enhancement or genioplasty, this redefines the contours of the chin, neck, and jawline, giving you a balanced, attractive facial structure.

Remember, your goal is to have natural results, where you are the only one who knows (along with your partner or close friends in which you’ve confided). It is possible and realistic to have natural results where you still look like yourself, only rested, rejuvenated, and more youthful. The happiest cosmetic surgery patients use it to fix a specific issue to normalize their bodies, not necessarily to enhance it.

Enlist the Help of an Expert

Having the expert guidance of a board-certified plastic surgeon for your life-changing cosmetic surgery is essential. Dr. Derrick Gale is board certified and highly qualified in a number of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. You can learn more about Dr. Gale’s training, certifications, and specialties by visiting his website here.

If you would like to get started, please call (801) 506-6344 or schedule a consultation with Dr. Gale and his team today!