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Two Types of Rhinoplasty Explained: Cosmetic vs. Functional

Rhinoplasties are one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the US. Thousands of Americans each year decide to undergo this surgery to correct cosmetic defects or simply boost their self-esteem. However, did you know there are other reasons why patients may need nose surgery? There are two different types of rhinoplasties: functional and cosmetic. Read on to learn the differences!

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Many patients are familiar with the cosmetic purpose of a rhinoplasty. This procedure, commonly known as a “nose job,” aims to remodel or reshape the nose, improving the overall facial appearance. Through different surgical techniques, surgeons can alter the nose’s size, contours, or shape or correct asymmetries to achieve the patient’s cosmetic goals. Correcting this area also enhances the rest of the facial features, as it helps create a visually balanced face by harmonizing the nose with the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

Cosmetic nose surgery can dramatically increase self-confidence, but sharing your expectations with an experienced plastic surgeon is essential to set a realistic goal. Remember, there isn’t a perfect nose—just a nose that is perfect for a specific patient.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Although most people link this procedure to aesthetic concerns, there can be more than a cosmetic enhancement behind nose surgery. Your nose participates in the most vital function of the human body: breathing. The air must flow through your nasal cavity to reach the lungs, so any obstruction at this level can severely compromise pulmonary ventilation. That’s why many patients decide to pursue functional rhinoplasty.

Sometimes a trauma pushes the medial septum towards one side, affecting the airflow to one of the lungs. Other patients are born with nasal turbinates (small bones inside the nasal cavity that filter and humidify the air) that are bigger than usual. These patients need to undergo a surgical procedure technically known as “septoplasty,” which, in most cases, doesn’t affect the appearance or contours of the nose.  

Which One Is Best for Me?

Well, this is entirely up to the patient. Most rhinoplasties are performed for cosmetic reasons, but sometimes people are happy with how their nose looks but have deficient ventilation, causing them to breathe through the mouth, so they only get a septoplasty. In other cases, people consult a plastic surgeon for aesthetic reasons only to find out they also have a functional problem, so they get both procedures completed in the same surgery.

Whatever the reason, it is crucial to consult an experienced surgeon who can handle the both the functional and aesthetic sides of rhinoplasty. You can only be sure about your decision after hearing a specialist’s opinion.

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