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Eye Makeup Tips after Eyelid Surgery

Are you planning to refresh your appearance with eyelid surgery? You may be thrilled about the results, but you are probably a little concerned about how your eyes will look immediately after surgery. After all, eyelid surgery, technically known as blepharoplasty, is an invasive procedure that will have some short-term aesthetic consequences on your facial appearance.

Eyelid surgery leaves temporary scars in the surgical area. Although Dr. Derrick Gale uses conservative approaches and tries to make the incisions as small as possible, scarring is simply inevitable after any surgical procedure. These scars can be smooth with different non-invasive procedures, but they are not necessary in many cases. The good news is that, eventually, most scars fade away.

However, this can take some time. Patients might want to cover their scars while they heal, and if this is your case, makeup is your best ally. Although you will need to wait some time before applying any type of cosmetics, most patients can start wearing makeup two weeks after the procedure. Below we listed some tips to use cosmetics wisely in this particular situation:

  • Replace old makeup: This might be the perfect moment to get rid of that old mascara or eyeliner you are still holding on to and get some new cosmetics. Old makeup can accumulate bacteria that can cause infections in the scarring tissues, complicating their healing. Be particularly careful with brushes and cosmetics contained in tubes, as they are the perfect trap for bacteria.
  • Check the ingredients: Natural, water-, or mineral-based makeups are always preferable. Many synthetic ingredients typically used in lower-quality products can cause skin irritation, complicating long-term results. Take time to read the small print and look for words like “hypoallergenic” and “safe for sensitive skin.”
  • Avoid glittery or frosted products: The glitter and small particles usually found in eye shadows and some skin products can fall off and accumulate in your incisions, which can also interfere with the healing process of your scars.
  • Be careful when removing makeup: Makeup removal is usually the most challenging step after a blepharoplasty. We recommend patients use an efficient and hypoallergenic cleanser or makeup remover and try applying it with a gentle touch. The goal is to make the removal effortless and subtle.
  • Don’t forget about cheeks and lips: Most patients are so focused on covering up their scars that they don’t pay attention to the rest of their face.Using blush and a good lipstick can draw attention to other facial features and make you feel prettier and more confident. It’s time to use all the products in your makeup bag! 

Eyelid Surgery in Salt Lake City & Riverton, UT Most patients are concerned about the consequences of this surgery on their facial appearance. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to contact our team and schedule a consultation with Dr. Derrick Gale. He will explain the procedure and post-op in detail and answer all your questions!