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Facial Reconstruction: Aesthetic vs. Functional

Facial procedures are the most popular plastic surgery operations in the U.S., with nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelift as the top three procedures overall. Dr. Derrick Gale understands that everyone who chooses to seek plastic surgery does so for unique, intensely personal motivations. Some reasons are purely cosmetic, while others may be more pragmatic…. Read More

What Benefits Come From Facial Reconstruction?

Facial injuries from an accident or trauma can leave their mark physically and emotionally – especially in cases of facial disfigurement. Many people believe their facial appearance defines them. Therefore, physical damage can cause psychological harm as well. Post-accident facial reconstruction is critical to restoring physical appearances, emotional renewal, and positive self-esteem. What Is Facial… Read More

How Often Should I Get a Botox® Touch-Up?

With over 7 million Botox injections performed yearly, Botox is by far the number one minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Capable of eliminating even the most noticeable wrinkles, Botox is an effective anti-aging treatment that helps patients restore a smooth, youthful appearance to their face. Here, Dr. Derrick Gale of Gale Facial Plastics takes… Read More

Reasons to Consider Facial Reconstruction

Incurring any form of facial trauma is a distressing life event. Not only does the victim of facial trauma experience psychological damage, but their physical appearance and physical functioning can be severely altered in a traumatic episode. In the terrible event of you or a loved one experiencing facial trauma, highly specialized and experienced facial… Read More