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What Benefits Come From Facial Reconstruction?

Facial injuries from an accident or trauma can leave their mark physically and emotionally – especially in cases of facial disfigurement.

Many people believe their facial appearance defines them. Therefore, physical damage can cause psychological harm as well. Post-accident facial reconstruction is critical to restoring physical appearances, emotional renewal, and positive self-esteem.

What Is Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial reconstructive surgery is a medical procedure correcting compromised structure and function of the bone, skin, soft tissue, and dental occlusion of the head, face, and neck. Depending on the trauma’s severity, plastic surgeons use different operations to address the injuries. Dr. Derrick Gale uses two classifications to assess trauma: traumatic facial lacerations and traumatic facial fractures.

The Physical Benefits

Facial reconstruction aims to repair facial and skull appearances and restore muscle movement and sensitivity. Physical benefits include:

  • Improved breathing
  • Jaw mobility
  • Hearing improvement
  • Vision enhancement

Facial reconstruction surgery aims to restore facial features and functions to pre-accident form. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gale offers facial reconstruction surgery. As a result, his patients often enjoy significant visible results, making their wounds from trauma practically imperceptible.

The Emotional Benefits

Frequently, the most traumatic aspect of facial disfigurement is the emotional or psychological damage a patient suffers. This issue may lead to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Many patients also suffer from depression.

Fortunately, Dr. Gale can improve the disfigurement through facial reconstruction, restoring patients’ outlook by returning their facial features to as close to their original state as possible. His artistic eye and surgical skill allow his patients to look in the mirror to find renewed outlook and hope instead of a constant reminder of their accident.

Reconstruct Your Face and Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

With the advancements in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Gale can rebuild facial structures and appearance. Although accidents can affect physical and emotional well-being, facial reconstruction can help reverse their impact. Dr. Derrick Gale has successfully performed facial reconstructive surgery on several patients. He has helped many of them return to their everyday life without the adverse effects of facial trauma. If you have been in an accident and suffered facial trauma, contact Dr. Gale for a consultation today.