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5 Benefits of Facials for Men

Facials, or facial skin treatments, carry an array of aesthetic and health benefits for our skin. Some of these benefits are more highly pronounced in men’s skin, which is what Dr. Gale wants to discuss in this article.

Here, Dr. Gale outlines 5 benefits of facials for men.

Soothes Skin After Shaving

Regular shaving can irritate the skin. The abrasive motion of a razor or shaver over the skin can lead to damaged skin follicles, pimples, rashes, and flaky, dry skin. Getting regular facials can help reduce this irritation by improving moisture retention and oxygenated blood flow. 

Releases Tension

Many men store plenty of tension in their faces, particularly the forehead, jaw, and scalp, neck, and shoulders. A complete facial includes a massage and reflexology of all these areas, which helps bring awareness to the tension being held, and then release these taut muscles.

Many men have reported a reduction in migraines as a result of facial treatments and massages as constant tension in these areas has been known to cause migraines.

Offers Protection from the Elements

Debris, wind, and the sun all damage our face’s skin, which can lead to clogged pores, uneven skin tone, and dry skin. Regular facials reverse this damage and help skin stay smooth, soft, and aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, surveys indicate that men are less likely than women to use sunscreen, meaning they are more susceptible to UV rays and other harmful environmental factors that can, and often do, lead to skin cancers. Facial treatments offer a fantastic opportunity for men to learn more about the importance of regularly using sunscreen and taking proper care of their skin.  

Counteracts Oil Production

High levels of testosterone in men mean they produce significant amounts of oil from their pores. These oils can sit on the skin and clog the pores. A men’s facial cuts through this buildup of oil and clears clogged pores, revitalizing the skin.

Properly Hydrates the Skin

Keeping the skin properly hydrated and protected from the sun are the two most important steps in any skincare routine. Unfortunately, over 50% of men have dry skin and as a result, they have experience cracked facial skin that can be easily irritated. Facial treatments help hydrate the skin and reverse some of this damage.

Facial Skin Treatments in Riverton, UT

Facial treatments have many benefits and help men achieve more comfortable, manageable, and pleasant skin. They also offer an opportunity for men to learn about proper skin care, which can lead to better health, a reduced likelihood of skin cancer, and more vibrant-looking skin. To discuss the best products and procedures for healthy skin in Riverton, UT, contact Dr. Derrick Gale(801) 506- 6344 or complete our online form today.