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Unhappy With Your Chin? There’s a Procedure for That!

While it’s one of the less common plastic surgeries in the U.S., chin augmentation is rapidly growing in popularity.

With many Hollywood celebrities getting chin augmentation, including Aston Kutcher and Ashlee Simpson, people are becoming aware of the aesthetic benefits the procedure can have on the overall appearance of one’s face.

So, if you look at your reflection and sometimes wish you had a stronger, more confident, or more defined jawline and chin, don’t worry! A chin augmentation by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Derrick Gale can give you the chin and overall facial aesthetic appearance you desire.

Our Chin’s Appearance

A robust and well-defined chin is the hallmark of a confident leader. A strong jawline for both men and women demonstrates health, fitness, and strength. Furthermore, as one of the most prominent features of the human face, the chin can significantly impact the face’s overall appearance, giving a frame to the lower third and establishing the general impression our face has on other people.

However, many of us aren’t born with naturally perfect chins, which means surgery or implants are the only way towards getting the facial aesthetic we desire for our chins.

Chin augmentation is a procedure that demands an elite level of experience and ability in the surgeon, which is why Dr. Derrick Gale at Gale Facial Plastics in Riverton, UT, is one of the most sought-after specialists offering the surgery.

During the procedure, Dr. Gale inserts implants into the desired locations on the jawline and chin. These implants provide volume to the selected regions and create the shape and outline the patient desires for their chin and jaw.

Chin augmentation helps achieve a strong jawline and chin that balances the entire face. For example, the jaw and chin give perspective to the nose and forehead when viewed side-on. A small chin can make the nose appear disproportionally large, so instead of reducing the nose with a rhinoplasty, it can often be a better aesthetic decision to increase the prominence of the chin with chin augmentation.

Chin Augmentation in Riverton, UT

The chin is a vital yet frequently overlooked aesthetic component of the face. Many people are not happy with the way their chin and jawlines look, which can make them unhappy with other facial features.

Fortunately, chin augmentation with Dr. Derrick Gale in Riverton, UT, is a practical, effective procedure that helps people look and feel the way they want. If you’re unhappy with your chin, then we strongly encourage you to call us on (801) 506-6344 or fill out this online form today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enjoy a more confident daily life.