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How To Achieve the Perfect Summer Glow with These Top 5 Facial Procedures

Summer is finally here, and no doubt you’ve noticed a change in the mood. We’re getting outside, playing in the sun, enjoying life.

And if you want to look as radiant as you feel, then one or a combination of these popular facial procedures can give you a summer glow that matches your summer vibe.

These five facial procedures from Dr. Derrick Gale in Riverton, Salt Lake City, UT, will give you the summer glow you’re after in no time.

Targeted Facial

Your Targeted Facial starts with a skin assessment using the patented SkinCeuticals skin scope. This assessment allows Dr. Gale to customize your facial according to your skin type, needs, and concerns. The targeted facial is an excellent choice for patients who haven’t had skin treatment before, as it can provide a baseline from where to start treatment.

Hydrating Facial

The summer sun can cause dehydration, and this hydrating facial is the perfect solution. Using a mixture of gentle exfoliation and hyaluronic acids, Dr. Gale’s Hydrating Facial helps infuse moisture deep within your skin while also stimulating your skin’s natural barrier to repair itself to retain moisture.

Age-defying Facial

For many of Dr. Gale’s patients, signs of aging show particularly in the summer, making this the time of year where an Age-Defying Facial is ideal. The treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and improves the overall texture and skin tone, resulting in a youthful, radiant glow.

Redness Reducing Facial

If you suffer from sensitive or easily irritated skin, then Dr. Gale’s Redness Reducing Facial is for you. Dr. Gale focuses on soothing inflammation and calming redness while reducing the visibility of the capillary walls that are responsible for the redness associated with rosacea.

Acne-Fighting Facial

Using salicylic and glycolic acids, an Acne-Fighting Facial treats acne at any age. The treatment clears out the pores, encourages healthy oil production, and clears out breakups that are hindering your summer glow.

Facial Procedures in Riverton and Salt Lake City, Utah

Restoring and maintaining your youthful facial appearance becomes a priority during the summer.

With one or more of these facials available through Gale Facial Plastic’s Aesthetician Services, patients of any age, gender, or background can treat harrowing skin concerns and enjoy their summer with a fully radiant facial glow.

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